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I don’t think there’s a right answer for this question or statement. Everybody gets over a break up on their own time. I went through this situation maybe three weeks ago, and every day I feel different, some days I ’m okay and I’m not thinking about it, and other days I might be having a conversation with a person, and that brings up a memory. Of course, the first few days is the hardest I think, but for me, after that, I started realizing that everything happens for a reason and I know this person is not for me anymore, and I know at the end of the day I need to care about my happiness. Another thing that helped me is talking about it, most people like to keep things private, and I understand that but for me was talking to my family and friends about the situation helped me a lot because I was able to get different advice from everyone. For me, it wasn’t always about the information because in my head I already knew my decision was but having the support system is what matters, and I didn’t realize how important that was. I remember the day it happened and my emotions were all over the place. I just wanted to relax, so I took a bath, and when I got out, I was still hurting, and I walked into the kitchen, and my mom was standing there and I just broke down crying she gave me a hug, and at that moment I felt like everything was going to be okay. I’m not going to act like getting over a break up is easy because it’s not, but nobody wants to be in a sad place either, so my best advice for anyone that’s going through this you must do things that make you happy and talk about it, holding everything in is never the best option.


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